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Oooooh my god I’m getting worse. (Better?)

Also comments on this episode to follow. SPOILERS, obviously—but if you haven’t seen the video yet, what are you doing on the tag? Go watch the video!

-Lizzie addressed posting her last video and why she did it, with one of the reasons I expected (she wanted to prove that Lydia had nothing to do with the site or the video), which made me VERY happy. It’s still a little iffy that she explicitly says that she didn’t ask Lydia’s permission (because Lydia isn’t even talking to her) but her impassioned plea to stay away from the site because of how it’s hurting her sister won me over, so overall I’m really pleased by how the writers handled this.

-Also it makes me feel really guilty for sending that email now.

-I’m surprised that their mom still doesn’t know. I can kinda get that they don’t want to hurt her, but…what if she makes one of those “beautiful children” comments to LYDIA??

-At first I felt like Jane seemed a little stiff in this episode? But thinking about it, I think the performance here makes sense—the only major outburst of emotion we’ve seen from Jane has been the “snickerdoodles” moment (unless I’m forgetting something). Otherwise she’s always been pretty gentle and reserved (which is one of the major reasons why Darcy suspected that Jane didn’t like Bing all that much in the first place). So…yeah, Jane quietly supporting her sisters? That makes sense.

-(I also think it’s kind of nice that this episode is much more subdued than the last episode—I adored last episode but I think having two much more melodramatic episodes in a row would be kind of a lot and even hamper the impact of last episode.)

-I am heartbroken (and pissed!) that Jane lost her job because she came back home to help her family. I can sort of understand why it’d be important for her to be there (I know very little about fashion week but I know it’s a big deal?) but at the same time this crisis is big enough that I’d like to THINK that a good boss would understand and try to make things work!

-I LOVE that Jane told Lizzie to watch Lydia’s videos! I wasn’t expecting that, but that’s great. I think that’ll be the final event that will get Lizzie to complete her character development into a much more understanding character and to be less quick to jump to assumptions.

So yeah, overall—this video is GREAT! Much less dramatic than last video (so probably less gifs floating around and whatnot) buuut I think this is really important for the character development of Lizzie and the overall plot. Can’t wait to see next episode’s video, too—Lydia looks pissed. I hope she tells George off.

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